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Nobody knows how old Harry is. They say he’s ancient. He can get around on his own for an old fella, albeit slowly. Harry’s been working for the company since the first day the office opened for business. He started out in the mail room and worked quickly and with determination. He’s still determined, and has no plans to retire even though he has been eligible to do so.

Harry is charming and a gentle soul and liked by most people. He wasn’t always gentle though. When he was a young boy, he’d get into fights with the other lads in the orphanage. He was small compared to the other boys his age at the time, so he was picked on. He’d manage to fight back, and won the respect of some of the boys. He had a growth spurt the following year.

As a young serviceman in the army, he’d charmed all the ladies at the social clubs. This annoyed the other suitors. Inevitably, Harry would find himself having to fight back because somebody always lost patience with him for being so charming with the ladies.

Everybody in the office liked Harry except for one person, Sam.


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Sam likes to watch the office from his cubicle. Although he’s a tall and slender man, he sits low and coiled back in his chair. And yet, he manages to peer above the cubicle partition and observe his colleagues

His colleagues rarely sees him about the office, or when he comes and goes. If he’s not at his cubicle, he’s either out to lunch, in the restroom, or at the water cooler. He moves quietly. His shoes do not squeak. His clothes do not flap or rustle. Often times, his colleagues are startled by his sudden appearance as they turn around or look up from their computer monitors. He usually stands, waiting, with a grin.

Contrary to his quiet demeanor, he is loquacious and engages his colleagues in all manners of conversation. Sometimes these conversations are one sided, or worse, laborious.

iPhoneography Project: iPhoneography+Fiction

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The current iPhoneography project combines my love of creative writing and iPhone photograph. The first couple of stories were initially inspired after a day trip to the zoo and didn’t want to just share point and shoot images of the animals. So I turned to one of my favorite apps, Waterlogue, and transformed what would have been basic shots of animals at the zoo into characters with depth and personality. I was inspired to tell their story.

Waterlogue is a collaboration between John Balestrieri of Tinrocket, LLC and Robert Clair of Chromatic Bytes, LLC. I think they’ve created the best app that transforms photos into realistic watercolor paintings. You can read more about their collaboration at their respective websites.

I’ve enjoyed other apps by Tinrocket, LLC – Percolator and Popsicolor. In fact, I’m a fan. Most of the images featured in the project will be post processed using Waterlogue, Popsicolor, or Percolator.


Like with most of these projects, they’re meant to exercise my creative muscles. What I do professionally isn’t sufficient exercise so I seek out other avenues to express my creativity and thoughts.

If this is a project you’re interested, please subscribe or check back soon for the latest story. I hope you enjoy. I’d love some feedback. Of course, if you’re just going to be a troll don’t expect your comments to be acknowledged.


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I must admit this photo is a cheat. This was taken last year before I started this photo-letter project but it was this exercise that inspired me to do this self-portrait photo project.

At the time, I had bought a few hats and wanted to get TH’s opinion on which one to keep. I ended up returning them all. Looking back at the photos inspired me to share more about myself with my pen-pal.

I enjoy reading Greek mythology. One of my favorite Greek gods is Hermes, the messenger god. As I understood it, the winged sandals and helmet gives him the ability to travel with great speed to deliver messages. Or perhaps the winged accessories are just symbols or a uniform of sorts and in fact, do not have any powers at all. In any case, I have always liked the look of Hermes.

Hermes is also a French luxury fashion brand whose accessories I do admire especially their scarves.


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I never desired to be a princess when I was little girl. I didn’t go prancing around and calling myself princess or dress in puffy dresses like the princesses in fairytales, nor did I have a little crown. However, as an adult woman, I am amused with the idea of being implied a “princess”. For instance, this bike I’ve been wanting by Pashley. It happens to be called the Princess Sovereign but I love the look and set of the bicycle. I’m also aware of how I behave, and at times, it may come off as “princess-like”, and TH always makes fun of me because of some of these behaviors. An example of this behavior is when sitting on public benches and especially on concrete or stone site furniture, I will put down a clean sheet of something if I have it on hand. Though some may call me a germ-a-phobe, TH calls me “princess”. It doesn’t bother me. Like I said, I am amused by it all though I wouldn’t mind a sparkling tiara.


The original photo was taken with Camera+ app on Valentine’s Day for TH. I later acquired a new app called Retromatic app, and used the app on the photo to illustrate a lighthearted side.
iPhoneography project: Self-portraits and Letters

14th street

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14th Street

This is another set of photos taken while waiting for the train, and as you may have guessed – at 14th Street station. It was a cold evening.

I have so many app and don’t get a chance to use most of them like the Incredibooth app. These photos were taken with Incredible Cowboy Booth using Blackets SG. I like how the B+W make my eyes pop.

iPhoneography project: Self-portraits and Letters

riding the subway

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Following the capture of “dirty reflection”, I collected these series of self-portraits while on the train. Sometimes you will find me standing on the train even though there are seats. I normally do not stand by the door but on this occasion, I was on an express train and would be getting off at the next stop. I like to look out the window and watch the passing stations and flashes of lights in the tunnels.

Riding the subway
Photos were taken with Hipstamatic using various combination of lens and films, and then organized with the Grid Lens app. I like how I am ghosted or translucent in each frame. The passing lights from the subway stations and tunnels add a dynamic effect to the photos.

The following combination of films and lens were used:
Hornbecker Lens and Cano Cafenol Film
Jane Lens and Sugar Film
Wonder Lens and W40 Film
Jane Lens and W40 Film
James M Lens and ROck BW-11 Film

iPhoneography project: Self-portraits and Letters


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