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George can be found sleeping at his desk in front of the computer monitor and in mid sentence of typing up a document. He usually snaps himself out of his mid unconsciousness state and resumes typing as though nothing happened. Sometimes he’ll drink a cup of coffee in an attempt to wake himself up. It doesn’t always work. He has caught himself drifting into sleep while sipping coffee. One of those times, he ended up spilling the hot drink on his keyboard. His colleagues thought it was an innocent office mishap. Even though nobody in the office was hip to the truth, George was embarrassed. He knew he has a problem but he made little attempts to correct it.


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Painted in Waterlogue

Billy-Bob and Jackson paced back and forth on the grass in front of a thicket of leaves and thorny vines. Soft voices and laughter filtered through capturing their curiosity. The layers of leaves and vines obscured their view. They only catch fleeting glimpses of a wrist, a shoulder, or ankle.

Their brother, Jimbeau, laid on the ground, his face planted in the grass. His hand still reached into the dense foliage. The surviving brothers learned the vines are studded with poisonous thorns and there was no way to reach through the foliage without getting scratched.

Then they see a hand emerge through without any scratches. The skin was soft and luminescent. The hand turned upward and beckoned Billy-Bob and Jackson to come hither. The brothers looked at each other and then at the hand, which then pulled back into the leaves, vines, and deadly thorns.

Billy-Bob tried to grab for the hand but overreached. His hand cut into the thicket as the luminescent hand slipped back into the leaves. Jackson watched in anticipation as his brother’s faced twisted and distorted with every strike from the thorns. And like Jimbeau, Billy-Bob collapsed onto the ground with his face planted in the grass and the one hand in the thicket.

Fire escape

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Fire escape

A man was heard shouting for “Cat”. He was dressed in an all khakis colored uniform. His friends stood at his sides also dressed in the same uniform though it looked drab on them. They were standing across the street from a seven story walk up apartment. The brick facade with stone trim was obscured by fire escapes.

Cat would often sit out on the fire escape in the evenings usually finding entertainment watching people going about their lives. In fact, she was sitting out with her friends enjoying a glass of wine when one of them noticed three men marching down the street. Cat recognized them and ushered her friends inside her apartment through the window and pulled the curtains down.

He called out to Cat and pleaded for her to come out and see him. He apologized though without any specificity. He proclaimed his love for her and the other girl meant nothing. It was a moment of weakness, he claimed. He continued to profess his love and faithfulness from this point on. A group of high school girls giggled as they walked by.

When it seemed like Cat was not going to show herself, he noticed the curtains swayed and bobbed. He readied his face with a smile. The curtains drew back slightly and out swung Cat’s arm and an empty bottle. The bottle shattered at his feet. His friends jumped aside. He looked up at the still curtains, the corners of his mouth turned downward and he began shouting obscenities and curse words. A few passersby were startled by his outbursts while others looked on with curiosity. His friends struggled to quiet him down but eventually lead him away and around the corner. Cat could still hear him shouting at her.


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Nobody knows how old Harry is. They say he’s ancient. He can get around on his own for an old fella, albeit slowly. Harry’s been working for the company since the first day the office opened for business. He started out in the mail room and worked quickly and with determination. He’s still determined, and has no plans to retire even though he has been eligible to do so.

Harry is charming and a gentle soul and liked by most people. He wasn’t always gentle though. When he was a young boy, he’d get into fights with the other lads in the orphanage. He was small compared to the other boys his age at the time, so he was picked on. He’d manage to fight back, and won the respect of some of the boys. He had a growth spurt the following year.

As a young serviceman in the army, he’d charmed all the ladies at the social clubs. This annoyed the other suitors. Inevitably, Harry would find himself having to fight back because somebody always lost patience with him for being so charming with the ladies.

Everybody in the office liked Harry except for one person, Sam.


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Sam likes to watch the office from his cubicle. Although he’s a tall and slender man, he sits low and coiled back in his chair. And yet, he manages to peer above the cubicle partition and observe his colleagues.

His colleagues rarely sees him about the office, or when he comes and goes. If he’s not at his cubicle, he’s either out to lunch, in the restroom, or at the water cooler. He moves quietly. His shoes do not squeak. His clothes do not flap or rustle. Often times, his colleagues are startled by his sudden appearance as they turn around or look up from their computer monitors. He usually stands, waiting, with a grin.

Contrary to his quiet demeanor, he is loquacious and engages his colleagues in all manners of conversation. Sometimes these conversations are one sided, or worse, laborious.

iPhoneography Project: iPhoneography+Fiction

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The current iPhoneography project combines my love of creative writing and iPhone photograph. The first couple of stories were initially inspired after a day trip to the zoo and didn’t want to just share point and shoot images of the animals. So I turned to one of my favorite apps, Waterlogue, and transformed what would have been basic shots of animals at the zoo into characters with depth and personality. I was inspired to tell their story.

Waterlogue is a collaboration between John Balestrieri of Tinrocket, LLC and Robert Clair of Chromatic Bytes, LLC. I think they’ve created the best app that transforms photos into realistic watercolor paintings. You can read more about their collaboration at their respective websites.

I’ve enjoyed other apps by Tinrocket, LLC – Percolator and Popsicolor. In fact, I’m a fan. Most of the images featured in the project will be post processed using Waterlogue, Popsicolor, or Percolator.


Like with most of these projects, they’re meant to exercise my creative muscles. What I do professionally isn’t sufficient exercise so I seek out other avenues to express my creativity and thoughts.

If this is a project you’re interested, please subscribe or check back soon for the latest story. I hope you enjoy. I’d love some feedback. Of course, if you’re just going to be a troll don’t expect your comments to be acknowledged.


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I must admit this photo is a cheat. This was taken last year before I started this photo-letter project but it was this exercise that inspired me to do this self-portrait photo project.

At the time, I had bought a few hats and wanted to get TH’s opinion on which one to keep. I ended up returning them all. Looking back at the photos inspired me to share more about myself with my pen-pal.

I enjoy reading Greek mythology. One of my favorite Greek gods is Hermes, the messenger god. As I understood it, the winged sandals and helmet gives him the ability to travel with great speed to deliver messages. Or perhaps the winged accessories are just symbols or a uniform of sorts and in fact, do not have any powers at all. In any case, I have always liked the look of Hermes.

Hermes is also a French luxury fashion brand whose accessories I do admire especially their scarves.


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