Holiday greetings

I had came upon a magazine that featured an article entitled, “Designing Digitally with your iPhone” by Lumilyon. You can find this article in the Autumn 2010 edition of Somerset Digital Studio. I was skeptical and intrigued at the same time. After reading through the article, I was excited to create my own! Lumilyon described in great detail how she created one of the examples features in the article. In fact, you should check out her blog and flickr photostream of the amazing creations she’s created with the iPhone! Lumilyon is a wonderful person who is also on Twitter, follow her at @lumilyon

If you’ve ever used Photoshop on your desktop, it’s just the same thing except it is all done in the palm of your hands with help of some iPhone camera apps. Previously, I didn’t have any reason to invest in a variety of iPhone camera apps but now I do!

iPhone camera apps can add up so I took notes of the apps Lumilyon used and did my own research of the apps. I wanted to make sure I was investing in something I know I will use and is handy. The best place where I go to find out if the app is purchase worthy is reading Life in LoFi blog. If you don’t know it, you should bookmark it. Its such a great resource for the latest iPhone camera apps with thorough honest reviews. Life in LoFi is also on Twitter  via @lifeinlofi and I highly recommend following. You will learn of sales or when iPhone camera apps can be downloaded for FREE!

I was also inspired to create my own Christmas “e-greetings” after listening to a morning radio program on BBC Radio Scotland, The MacAulay and Co show where they discussed how easy it was to create one on your computer and send it to your friends and family in place of a traditional Christmas greeting card. The MacAulay and Co show created one and were emailing to fans of the show when requested. I got my “e-greeting” which is a photo of the host, Fred MacAulay, in the center flanked by Karen Mackenzie (spelling?) and Ana (last name?). You may view the image here.

With inspiration in my head and new iPhone camera apps downloaded, I created several iphoneography based images. These were created to send to friends as my Christmas greetings with a personalized email message. It was fun and what a great way to exercise my creative muscle. Below are examples of what I made.

Merry Christmas festive display

Merry Christmas tree

Merry Christmas squirrel


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