My favorites from Hipstamatic

Of all the iPhone camera apps I have in my collection or virtual camera bag, Hipstamatic is by far my favorite! I love their square format. Probably the first camera app to shoot and print in the square format! I love and collect their add-on lens and films when they release them. Though I have all their lens, films, and accessories I have favorites.

My favorite lens are “John S Lens”, “Melodie Lens”, and “Chunky Lens”.

I don’t know who is John S but it is my go-to lens especially when I pair it with Kodot XGrizzled and BlacKeys SuperGrain! I love how the colors range from rich and saturated to muted and moody when I use the Kodot XGrizzled film. Kodot XGrizzled film is also my go to film and favorite. I love the border that it creates! I also like the subtle vignette that the lens creates when I use Kodot XGrizzled and BlacKeys SuperGrain. And when I use a B+W film like BSG, it produces an amazing contrast effect that creates wonderful B+W images that reminds me of  favorite photographers like Wee Gee and Walker Evans.

Fushia flowers
an example of John S Lens and Kodot XGrizzled film
an example using John S Lens and BlacKeys SuperGrain film

Melodie Lens is my next favorite because the lens adds a nice subtle green tint to images that a bright and fresh look to images I have captured. I like pairing this lens with Blanko film. The Melodie Lens was released just in times of the Christmas holidays and images I captured came out bright, cheery, and fresh.

Fountain of flora
an example using Melodie Lens with Blanko film

Recently, Hipstamatic released a new lens called Chunky Lens just in time for New York Fashion Week. This has become one of my favorite lens because it randomly creates this lovely halo  around your subject; kinda like highlighting them , or pointing the spotlight on them without it literally being pointed exactly on them. I must admit that I love the color  of the images when paired up with Kodot XGrizzled film.

Silhouette group
an example using Chunky Lens with Kodot Grizzled film
Blue and Red
an example using Chunky Lens with Kodot Grizzled film

Yes, I do love Hipstamatic. It is one my favorite iPhone camera app that creates stylized images. I am usually happy with the results more often than not. The app offers enough randomness that you can get interesting variations of the same image. And with the latest updates, it is faster which allows me to take even more pictures and not miss moments.


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