New York Fashion Week with Hipstamatic

As you may already know, I am a fan of the Hipstamatic camera app for iPhone. If not, you should read this.

I was recently selected as a Hipstamatic Community Ambassador for one of the fashion events during New York Fashion Week. I met Mario Estrada from Hipstamatic and his videographer, CJ, who was there to video the event. We attended the fashion show at The Milk Studios Building in the Meatpacking District. I had great fun going around the rooms and taking pictures with the Hipstamatic camera app while models were being made up and dressing up for the shows. There were lots of photographers around, of course. The energy was incredible! The models all looked beautifully! At some point, I felt fat, short, and ordinary even though nobody would necessarily describe me as those things – at least, I don’t think?


False Lashes

Asian Model

Pretty eyes!

Both the Jeremy Scott and The Blonds fashion show were amazing, fun, and high octane! The clothes were exciting and playful! I loved Jeremy Scott’s Superwoman dress and cape. The model who wore this did a fabulous job! I loved how the cape was low and flowed as she strutted down the runway.

It's not a bird...

It's not a plane...
And then there was a fun Asian inspired corset made with googily eyes from The Blonds collection! Yes, googily eyes!

The presentation for Rochambeau was calmer as it was held in a private room at the Standard Hotel. Rochambeau is a men’s fashion designer and so the room was set up with handsome and gorgeous male models standing in two rows. The clothes were tré chic! The men were made up to look like members of early 80’s rock and new wave bands – IMO. I also liked how their eyes subtly highlighted so when they glared into the camera, it was either intense or wounded soul.

Male models


I liked the Rochambeau collection. I think it would take a very fashion forward and confident guy to wear any of the outfits presented. How refreshing would it be if more men dressed in couture fashion as women (well, some women)!

I took many pictures with the Hipstamatic camera. I specifically used their latest and among my favorite lens, the Chunky Lens and paired it with a couple of favorite films like Kodot XGrizzled and DreamCanvas. I thought the combination of the Chunky lens and these films gave an effect that I associated with fashion, the energy, and the runway. The Chunky Lens also adds a great halo around the subject, which I think is ideal for capturing fashion.

Swept over

A Nubian Prince

Looking up

Thank you Hipstamatic for the opportunity! I had a great time! And I love LOVE Hipstamatic!! If you don’t have it, you should definitely download it!

For more pics of the last day of New York Fashion Week, please click on the following links below. Enjoy! And let me know what you think!

Jeremy Scott fashion show

Rochambeau presentation

The Blonds fashion show


One thought on “New York Fashion Week with Hipstamatic

  1. LOOOOOOOOOOVE Hipstamatic!!! It’s my favorite iPhone camera app and I am a pretty enthusiastic iphoneographer as well as pro photographer. How cool to see NYFW covered with just an iPhone.

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