i *HEART* Camera+

20110413-044508.jpgOne of the iPhone camera apps that I have come to *love* is Camera+ (not to be confused with an app that has a similar name, Camera Plus). In fact, I use Camera+ as my replacement for the iPhone camera. Camera+ came highly recommended by Marty from Life in LoFi, whose opinion I trust.

Ever since I downloaded the app, I have used it to take photos of NYC moments, the many foods I have eaten (and then post them onto Foodspotting via their iPhone app, another app I just adore). I love the quality of the images, the ability to edit the images (albeit limited options), and apply FX to the images within the app. The edit options though limited still give me the ability to quickly edit my photos to look amazing by cropping it, punching up the color or contrast, or changing the mood by applying one of their FX filters.

Cherry Blossom cluster - original
Original photo
Cherry Blossom cluster
photo edited and cropped with Camera+ app

I find Camera+ does an excellent job in capturing food especially when there is good lighting. The foods just seem to be even more delectable when captured via Camera+. This is especially true when a border is added. I like to use the thin white border or the dark mat border.

I love the crop feature in Camera+, which offers some standard crop sizes and the option to do “free form” crops. My go to crop is either the Golden or Square crops. I like the proportions of the Golden crop. The square crop is handy for the food photos I take because Foodspotting uploads pictures in a square format.

Sakura Macaroon @ Takahachi Bakery
Sakura Macaroon @ Takahachi Bakery
Coffee Chocolate Bun @ Takahachi Bakery
Coffee Chocolate Bun @ Takahachi Bakery

Camera+ also has a grid so you can adjust your handling of the iPhone to capture “straight” shots. It’s a handy feature when you don’t want odd angles and perspectives in your images, which can be distracting.

Another great feature is the ability to share your photos via various platform, which include Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, and email. I love that I can share directly to Flickr. I can input the title, description, sets, and tags – that is just awesome! I personally think Camera+’s ability to share directly onto Flickr works much better than the Flickr app for iPhone. I also love the fact that I can share edited photos without having to save to my photo album. This allows me to edit it in other ways and post to Flickr.

share directly onto Flickr

Not only does Camera+ have great sharing options but you can copy more than 5 photos and paste them onto your email (not to be confused with sharing via email through Camera+), which the standard iPhone camera allowed you to do before the update in one of the previous iOS. This is just incredible! Plus, you can copy photos with or without edits! That is just an incredible feature just in case you wanted to keep the originals after or before you edit them.

copy multiple photos from the lightbox

What I would love to see in future updates are the ability to straighten images during editing, and apply more than one scene and FX as layers.

For more official information about Camera+, click here.


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