An adventure through the pinhole

I first became interested in pinhole photography after a friend told me about her experiences with pinhole photography. She actually hand made one from materials instead of a purchased kit. I had one brief experience with pinhole photography back in 2005 when we traveled to Eastern Europe. I had been given an easy to make pinhole camera by Sharan, a Japanese company.

Paddleboats on Vltava River
Prague Castle in distance

Tyn Cathedral
I experimented with the pinhole camera while in Prague. From the roll, I only have 3 worthwhile pictures. I never played with it again. I don’t remember why I stopped, it doesn’t really matter why I stopped then but that I have a renewed interest now.

I recently became obsessed with the Le Sténoflex, a complete pinhole camera kit by a French company. There is a contest by Square Magazine, an online magazine featuring and promoting square format photography, who is giving away (8) Stenoflexes. The kit includes everything you need to capture and develop your prints. If you’re not familiar with Stenoflex, click here to learn more. I liked the ability of developing my own pictures as part of the photography experience. I could easily buy Stenoflex but I was attracted to the idea of winning one through a challenge. The contest required each entry to submit (10) square format pinhole camera photographs, and although iphoneography is permitted, I wanted to stay true to the contest’s and magazine’s request. So I purchased a square format pinhole camera, which Sharan offered in their product line.

Completed P-Sharan SQ-35

I’m currently on an adventure collecting images with my P-Sharan SQ-35. I am curious about the results if any will be successful and interesting. I don’t think my chances will be high in winning one of the (8) Stenoflexes but, boy, would I love to win one.

Wish me luck! And stay tuned to see what I’ve captured with the P-Sharan SQ-35.


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