My submission to Square Magazine

As I had mentioned in one of my posts, I was participating in a photo competition hosted by Square Magazine who were giving away 8 Stenoflex pinhole cameras. Well, I didn’t win, and it wasn’t a surprise. I did attempt to try to use an actual pinhole camera but made the mistake of sending them away to get processed because I thought it was cheaper and would not take as long. Plus, when I got them back, I wasn’t fully happy with the results. So instead, I sent in faux pinhole pictures, which were taken with the Hipstamatic app, and was permitted. Below are the 10 images I submitted. Feel free to leave comments here or on Flickr. I used the John S lens and Claunch 72 Monochrome film via Hipstamatic app.

The people who did win deserved to win. You can see the winners here.

Graffiti wall
Cavernous street
Urban garden
Up Lafayette Street

Taxis coming down on Broadway



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