iPhoneography project: Self-portraits and Letters

This is an introduction to a self-portrait project I am doing for 2013. These self-portraits will be featured in handwritten letters to my friend who lives in Oregon. My letters to her are personal and autobiographical. The letters contain descriptions of what is happening around me at the time of writing. I tend to write while I am out and about. Sometimes, I share my thoughts, or what I have been up to. I have been writing to her for almost 10 years after her father passed away. Her father was my pen-pal up to the day he passed away and she wanted to continue the exchange.

For this iPhoneography project, I will be posting the photos I use in each letter on this blog. Each photo/post will be accompanied with a brief description of the self-portrait, and additional information on how the photos are edited. All photos used will be captured and edited with the iPhone 5. The photos will also be posted on Flickr.



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