I never desired to be a princess when I was little girl. I didn’t go prancing around and calling myself princess or dress in puffy dresses like the princesses in fairytales, nor did I have a little crown. However, as an adult woman, I am amused with the idea of being implied a “princess”. For instance, this bike I’ve been wanting by Pashley. It happens to be called the Princess Sovereign but I love the look and set of the bicycle. I’m also aware of how I behave, and at times, it may come off as “princess-like”, and TH always makes fun of me because of some of these behaviors. An example of this behavior is when sitting on public benches and especially on concrete or stone site furniture, I will put down a clean sheet of something if I have it on hand. Though some may call me a germ-a-phobe, TH calls me “princess”. It doesn’t bother me. Like I said, I am amused by it all though I wouldn’t mind a sparkling tiara.


The original photo was taken with Camera+ app on Valentine’s Day for TH. I later acquired a new app called Retromatic app, and used the app on the photo to illustrate a lighthearted side.
iPhoneography project: Self-portraits and Letters


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