I must admit this photo is a cheat. This was taken last year before I started this photo-letter project but it was this exercise that inspired me to do this self-portrait photo project.

At the time, I had bought a few hats and wanted to get TH’s opinion on which one to keep. I ended up returning them all. Looking back at the photos inspired me to share more about myself with my pen-pal.

I enjoy reading Greek mythology. One of my favorite Greek gods is Hermes, the messenger god. As I understood it, the winged sandals and helmet gives him the ability to travel with great speed to deliver messages. Or perhaps the winged accessories are just symbols or a uniform of sorts and in fact, do not have any powers at all. In any case, I have always liked the look of Hermes.

Hermes is also a French luxury fashion brand whose accessories I do admire especially their scarves.


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