iPhoneography Project: iPhoneography+Fiction

The current iPhoneography project combines my love of creative writing and iPhone photograph. The first couple of stories were initially inspired after a day trip to the zoo and didn’t want to just share point and shoot images of the animals. So I turned to one of my favorite apps, Waterlogue, and transformed what would have been basic shots of animals at the zoo into characters with depth and personality. I was inspired to tell their story.

Waterlogue is a collaboration between John Balestrieri of Tinrocket, LLC and Robert Clair of Chromatic Bytes, LLC. I think they’ve created the best app that transforms photos into realistic watercolor paintings. You can read more about their collaboration at their respective websites.

I’ve enjoyed other apps by Tinrocket, LLC – Percolator and Popsicolor. In fact, I’m a fan. Most of the images featured in the project will be post processed using Waterlogue, Popsicolor, or Percolator.


Like with most of these projects, they’re meant to exercise my creative muscles. What I do professionally isn’t sufficient exercise so I seek out other avenues to express my creativity and thoughts.

If this is a project you’re interested, please subscribe or check back soon for the latest story. I hope you enjoy. I’d love some feedback. Of course, if you’re just going to be a troll don’t expect your comments to be acknowledged.


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