Nobody knows how old Harry is. They say he’s ancient. He can get around on his own for an old fella, albeit slowly. Harry’s been working for the company since the first day the office opened for business. He started out in the mail room and worked quickly and with determination. He’s still determined, and has no plans to retire even though he has been eligible to do so.

Harry is charming and a gentle soul and liked by most people. He wasn’t always gentle though. When he was a young boy, he’d get into fights with the other lads in the orphanage. He was small compared to the other boys his age at the time, so he was picked on. He’d manage to fight back, and won the respect of some of the boys. He had a growth spurt the following year.

As a young serviceman in the army, he’d charmed all the ladies at the social clubs. This annoyed the other suitors. Inevitably, Harry would find himself having to fight back because somebody always lost patience with him for being so charming with the ladies.

Everybody in the office liked Harry except for one person, Sam.


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