Fire escape

Fire escape

A man was heard shouting for “Cat”. He was dressed in an all khakis colored uniform. His friends stood at his sides also dressed in the same uniform though it looked drab on them. They were standing across the street from a seven story walk up apartment. The brick facade with stone trim was obscured by fire escapes.

Cat would often sit out on the fire escape in the evenings usually finding entertainment watching people going about their lives. In fact, she was sitting out with her friends enjoying a glass of wine when one of them noticed three men marching down the street. Cat recognized them and ushered her friends inside her apartment through the window and pulled the curtains down.

He called out to Cat and pleaded for her to come out and see him. He apologized though without any specificity. He proclaimed his love for her and the other girl meant nothing. It was a moment of weakness, he claimed. He continued to profess his love and faithfulness from this point on. A group of high school girls giggled as they walked by.

When it seemed like Cat was not going to show herself, he noticed the curtains swayed and bobbed. He readied his face with a smile. The curtains drew back slightly and out swung Cat’s arm and an empty bottle. The bottle shattered at his feet. His friends jumped aside. He looked up at the still curtains, the corners of his mouth turned downward and he began shouting obscenities and curse words. A few passersby were startled by his outbursts while others looked on with curiosity. His friends struggled to quiet him down but eventually lead him away and around the corner. Cat could still hear him shouting at her.


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