Painted in Waterlogue

Billy-Bob and Jackson paced back and forth on the grass in front of a thicket of leaves and thorny vines. Soft voices and laughter filtered through capturing their curiosity. The layers of leaves and vines obscured their view. They only catch fleeting glimpses of a wrist, a shoulder, or ankle.

Their brother, Jimbeau, laid on the ground, his face planted in the grass. His hand still reached into the dense foliage. The surviving brothers learned the vines are studded with poisonous thorns and there was no way to reach through the foliage without getting scratched.

Then they see a hand emerge through without any scratches. The skin was soft and luminescent. The hand turned upward and beckoned Billy-Bob and Jackson to come hither. The brothers looked at each other and then at the hand, which then pulled back into the leaves, vines, and deadly thorns.

Billy-Bob tried to grab for the hand but overreached. His hand cut into the thicket as the luminescent hand slipped back into the leaves. Jackson watched in anticipation as his brother’s faced twisted and distorted with every strike from the thorns. And like Jimbeau, Billy-Bob collapsed onto the ground with his face planted in the grass and the one hand in the thicket.


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