“Are you talking to me?”

Painted in Waterlogue

Rocco stood in front of his reflection and recited the lines from his favorite movie. “Are you talking to me?” He said with the corners of his mouth pointed downward and posture matched the actor who made those lines famous.

He would only behave this way in public when he caught his reflection in a storefront, puddle, or other reflective surface. Most people who observe his acting-out think he must be unstable and may combust into violence should he raise his attention onto someone other than his reflection. They try to avoid being in his line of vision within the reflection and in his path.

Not only does his playing out the scene in public give people concern but Rocco’s tall stature and broad frame intimidate people. The jagged scar on his bald head puts a bit of fright in those who are close enough to see it. He never smiles. His mouth is kept at a straight line except when he speaks those famous lines from his favorite movie.

A few seconds after he finished his act in front of the neighborhood bakery, he noticed a man across the street staring at him and their eyes locked. Rocco’s mouth and posture straightened. Passerby’s hurried off into shops or ducked behind cars and watched what they had anticipated would happen. Rocco turned slowly around and stared deep into the eyes of the man across the street, and played out the famous lines from his favorite movie, including full body gestures and facial expression, “Are you talking to me?”

“Are YOU talking to me!?”

The man clapped, smiled, and said, “That’s my favorite movie.”

Rocco’s mouth loosened and curled upwards.


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