Tea time

Tea time

They turned down a narrow hall and at the end was the solarium facing the rear garden. A round table was set up for tea with sandwiches, pastries, and sweets as the centerpiece. Tea time was one of the highlights of the visit. How could anyone not brighten up from such delectable sights? The girls raced down the hall, keeping away from the dusty walls.

Chloe and Heidi grabbed a mini basket set aside for them and filled it with sweet glazed buns, cookies with jeweled fruit centers, ham and cheese sandwiches with the crust meticulously removed, honeyed biscuits, chocolate covered orange peel, strawberry, and cherry. They grabbed a handful of colored foil wrapped chocolates and tucked them in their pockets.

Their mother checked their baskets and removed a few sweets and replaced them with another sandwich and gave them each a bottle of water. Before Aunt Jean could sit herself down, the girls had already dashed off to the garden.


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