Le jardin


le jardin
 The garden is the other highlight of the visit. The rear garden is a contrast with the front of the townhouse, which is usually shrouded in darkness with a lingering odor of pungent cheese from the crushed ginkgo nuts. The sun shines brightly in the garden while a gentle breeze brings out the sweet fragrances of the blossoms and flowers. The garden is dotted with follies, fountains, statues, and a pond with a waterfall. The trickling and splashing of water fill the garden with an acoustical barrier. Bees can be heard buzzing about. The delicate wings of butterflies flutter gently here and there. And the birds sing playfully to each other. 

The girls sat under the Crimson canopy of the maple tree enjoying their picnic lunch. Le Général was nestled in the branches above surveying the garden and keeping a watchful eye over the girls as they ate. 



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