Le Général

He was a lost kitten meowing loudly for his mother when Aunt Jean found him hidden in one of the follies in the garden 7 years ago. Understandably, he was frightened and refused to leave the safety of the folly. Aunt Jean was able to convince the hungry kitten to come out by offering him a dish with a cracked egg. She did this for about a week before she was able to pet him, and another few days before he let her take him inside. 

Aunt Jean named him Le Général for the way he sat at attention with his chest out. He also moved about with determination and in a straight line. He did not find entertainment in typical cat games. Instead, he preferred to hunt mice, which he would present to Aunt Jean; usually in a pile of 3 to 5. The townhouse eventually became mice-free. 

When he is in the garden, he can be found surveying the garden from the branches of the Crimson Japanese maple tree. Sometimes he can be seen sitting atop the garden wall looking out into city. He doesn’t remember much about his mother but wonders what happened to her.  


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