Paneled surface

After lunch Chloé and Heidi returned inside the townhouse to use the powder room. Aunt Jean explained that the powder room they were accustomed to is under renovation and they would have to use the wash closet under the stairs. The notion of venturing to an unfamiliar part of the townhouse filled them with dread.  

The girls walked down the hall from the solarium to the foyer as instructed by Aunt Jean who also clarified the stair is to the left. Both girls were confused as they never noticed a stair by the foyer when they entered the townhouse but there it was as though it knowingly revealed itself from the walls as the girls arrived.  

They approached the stair and noticed a brass door knob along the dark paneled surface. The door was camouflaged amongst the raised panel. Heidi turned the knob and pushed open the door, unsealing the room. The wash closet as it was called was tiny compared to the powder room, an appropriate name thought the girls.  



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