My name is Jeannie. This is about my experimentation with photography with the iPhone = iphoneography. I currently own and use the iPhone 3GS along with many wonderful and amazing iPhone camera apps such as Hipstamtic,  Swanko Lab, and many others.

What I love about iphoneography is I have fun with it. Although I enjoy and appreciate photography, I tend to find it is a bit of a high maintenance interest. Photography with a camera (I don’t mean a point and shoot) requires a bit of knowledge and understanding of how to best capture an image. It also requires patience and at times, the ability to be still.

Sometimes I just want to quickly capture a moment and make it artful, or add a dark mood, or throw it back in time, or accentuate a scene; and I do that best with the iPhone! There are countless photo+graphic creations. Iphoneography isn’t just a new art of photography with the iPhone, it’s an adventure!


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