You can find more photos here

I was pondering whether or not to delete my free account on Flickr but decided to keep it. I found out I would not be able to easily transfer the pictures over to my pro account and keep the comments. So, what I have been doing is deleting photos that have not gotten many views to bring it down to less than 200. There really isn’t any point to keep a free account if you post more than 200 pictures because you or anybody else will not be able to see beyond 200 pictures even if you posted 201 (or more).

Since I have made the decision to keep the free account for Rhapsody iPhoneography, I have also decided to not add anymore pictures to that account but instead to post them to my pro account, which you may find here. Included in this collection of iPhoneography are pictures of handcrafted ales I have enjoyed. I started to drink specialty ales last year, late summer. I had a wheat beer from Belgium and was so taken by how refreshing and not bitter it was. It was from then that I realized that not all beers were bitter and made with hops. And thus began my exploration of handcrafted ales that were made with wheat or malts or brewed in whisky casks. I was buying and trying all sort of ales. I liked many,while others I didn’t. And then I realized I didn’t have any proper way of keeping record and organizing this information and then it occurred to me that I could do this with the help of Flickr. But instead of just posting a boring picture of the bottle of ale, I though it would be fun and good practice to iphoneographize the bottles of ales, or at least make them look a bit interesting. To see what I have drunk, click here.

The iPhoneography collection also includes pictures of foods I have eaten and enjoyed too but are mainly posted onto Foodspotting. Foodspotting is a great app. It combines the love of eating and photography into one and sharing it with friends and everybody else who wants to know what is good to eat in the neighborhood.

So, if you’ve been wondering why I haven’t posted anymore pics to Flickr account, you know why. And now you know where to go.


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